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Pre-Interview Steps

1. Watch the OSE TED talk.


2. Confirm that you understand and can fulfill the Basic Terms posted in the job description.

I've understood and can fulfill the Basic Terms posted in the job description for Director of Learning.

3. Fill out the following sections below: (1), About Me; (2), Resume; (3), Intro Video.

4. Email recruiting@opensourceecology.org to notify us that you have completed the previous steps. Email sent.

About Me

  • Name: Cesar Roberto Lopez Garcia
  • Phone: +502 4765 8003 (Mobile) +502 6637 0823 (Home)
  • Skype: createrion
  • Email: cesar.lopez@createrion.com
  • When can you start? As soon as you confirmed me for the position.



Intro Video

Create a 2 minute video introduction regarding your interest in applying. This is a video-of-interest (VOI) and it must include: (1), name and country where you are located; (2), position that you are applying for + why you are interested in applying + relevant skill set that will help you fulfill that position; (3), what you think will be the greatest challenge in your work; (4), and how you will address that challenge. Point 2 is the most important for you to cover well.

This completes the Pre-Interview Steps. Now, please see the fourth pre-interview step listed above.

Interview Steps

If you pass the pre-interview screening, you will be invited for a first interview.

All interviews will be video recorded for transparency and for review by other OSE team members. By agreeing to participate in the interview, you are giving consent to have the discussions video recorded and posted to the wiki/YouTube channel.

First Round

The first interview is a 15m discussion with OSE staff covering your relevant background, skill set, and attitude.

After your first interview, EMBED your first interview from the list of interview videos, which will typically be uploaded to our YouTube channel within an hour of your interview.

Second Round


The OSE Recruiting Team will review your first interview. If you pass this level of review, you will be invited to a brief 15m second interview with the Founder.

After your second interview, EMBED your second interview from the list of interview videos.


During your second interview, you were tasked with an assignment to demonstrate your abilities.

After you complete the assignment, UPLOAD the supporting docs and put links here

When your assignment is complete and uploaded/embedded in the wiki, please email recruiting@opensourceecology.org stating that you are done with this phase.

Third Round


The third interview is a longer discussion with the Founder and Recruiter. Following a third interview, you may be asked to complete a work plan.

After your third interview, EMBED your third interview from the list of interview videos.

Work Plan

After a work plan is discussed, UPLOAD the supporting docs and put links here

When your work plan is complete and uploaded/embedded in the wiki, please notify the Recruiter.

Final Selection

If you pass the final interview, OSE will make you a contract offer. To facilitate this, we are requesting that you fill out our contract template (to be prepared).

  • Contract: <embed here>