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Basic Terms

We are recruiting for the six positions below.

To apply, send an email to: recruiting at opensourceecology dot org

Basic Terms:

  • Must live on-site at Factor e Farm (accommodations are provided) + stipend up to $2,000/month + full time commitment (no outside jobs or telecommuting unless specifically negotiated) + applicant covers travel to and from FeF + applicant covers their own insurance needs
  • Daily Scrum Session from noon to 6 at the FeF workshop, with Daily Standup at noon.
  • Daily vlogging requirement for updates, (ideally) 5 days per week
  • Contributing to the Control Panel of the Flashy XM Platform daily.
  • Semi-monthly blog posting on the Factor e Farm Blog according to FeF Blogging Standards
  • 6 month minimum commitment, extendable indefinitely. Goal is to build a 30 person development community.



Summary: The key cameraman. The Factor e Farm Documenter produces video documentation of developments at OSE Headquarters - including progress updates, instructional videos that demonstrate how to fabricate and use GVCS machines, and longer-term documentaries. Recruits and trains interns and assistants for video production. Uploads media to the cloud for collaborative editing. Manages remote video editing collaboration in the form of Video Sprints. Produces high quality explainer videos bimonthly. Works with Media Director on messaging.

Documentation Director

Summary: The Documentation Director sets standards for OSE documentation, and is responsible for organizational learning necessary for best practices to spread throughout the OSE development community. Assesses documentation for clarity and quality, and directs priorities of technical documentation. Specific tasks include development and management of the Flashy XM platform, and prioritization of development tasks in the XM platform. Collaborates with FeF Documenter, CAD Director, and Documentation Community Manager to set standards. Works with and guides remote collaborators in the production of documentation assets.

Communications Director

Summary: This is the key disseminator of OSE culture. Journalist and blogger of OSE progress - documenting philosophical, organizational, and technical development of OSE and the Global Village Construction Set. This role involves creative writing, journalism, technical wiriting, script writing, preparing presentations, and assisting Founding Director in communicating the message.

CAD Director

Summary: the CAD Director is responsible for assuring that CAD assets are generated for the GVCS. This includes creating 3D models of each GVCS machine, exploded part diagrams, 2D fabrication drawings in coordination with the Production Director, isometric assembly drawings, as well as other CAM/CAE assets. The job involves a high-degree of CAD proficiency as well as the ability to manage a team of remote collaborators in group CAD sessions - or CAD Sprints. This role also involves the development of a clear set of specifications for the open source CAD/CAM software package - as well as recruiting candidates for the full development of the open source CAD/CAM platform over the next 2 years.

Documentation Community Manager

Summary: The Documentation Community Manager oversees the on-site and global community of developers with an emphasis on generating project documentation - including video, animations, CAD, technical writing, and other assets. In technology transfer - actively seeks, refactors, captures, and transfers documentation from collaborating projects. Role includes organizing and managing Book Sprints to generate documentation in a remixable format. Also responsible for maintaining an in-house, on-demand publishing infrastructure of hard copy manuals. Responsible for building and managing OSE social media platforms, and managing the OSE Documentation Forum. Works closely with Recruiter to create Dream Team 30. Functional literacy in video, editing, design, and CAD required.

Director of Learning

Summary: Works with other Documentation Team members to produce rapid learning materials on key topics of relevance to open source economic development. Collects a wide array of materials from industry, academia, social enterprise sector, open source community, and other practitioners - and distills these materials into rapid-learning format. Facilitates on-site cross-training sessions and remote education programs. Organizes on-site workshops.