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Chinese Opium is a metaphor coined by Liao Yiwu - for the economic goods coming from China, with a high cost of low price. That high cost is in terms of environmental and human rights issues - and most importantly the funding supports a non-democratic regime of 'rule by human weakness' that can destabilize the world - as seen with the Ukraine War and potential invasion of Taiwan.

Excerpts from Interview with Radio Free Asia

RFA: The central metaphor of Bullets and Opium is that bullets were used to deal with unarmed civil unrest, while the opium of economic development was offered to numb people's pain. Has this model changed in the past 30 years?

Liao Yiwu: It has now been extended to Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia, and it has even spread to some politicians in the West. It is as difficult for them to cut off their relationship with the Chinese Communist Party as it is to quit opium when you're addicted. Many Western countries have become deeply addicted [to China trade]. In the past, they have aided and abetted the murderous Chinese regime in return for pockets bulging with cash.

Right now we are going through a process of detoxification. All of this high-tech spying must be eradicated if we to truly quit our habit. Otherwise, nowhere will be safe. It'll be like Orwell's 1984.

RFA: So this book is also a kind of warning?

Liao Yiwu: Yes, that if you don't actively promote democracy, dictatorship will expand to engulf the West. This what we are seeing now. We will be hit by snowballing humanitarian crises. Dictatorships will continue to cause humanitarian disasters, because they will keep pushing their agenda until they have taken over all of the world's science and technology, and control the economy. This is called rule by human weakness; if they push enough opium on us, we won't be able to resist.

Liao Yiwu

He was called "the Chinese Solzhenitsyn"

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