Chris DeAngelis Dedicated Project Visit 2

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This is a push powered vacuum cleaner that I design last semester for a school project.
These are 2d Fabrication drawings that I created for the project
Chris ex4.PNG


Hello Open Source Ecology! It's me Chris again, and I am ready for my second dedicated project visit! This wiki page will outline my goals for summer 2013, my timeframe, and some examples of work that I accomplished over the winter.

Proposed GVCS Work

I plan to help out a lot with the GVCS this summer. I am a big fan of the 6 in 60; Let's do it! Here are some of the things I can help out with while at Factor e Farm:

  • CAD Work: I can help design new machine parts, and create 3D models of existing prototypes for online sharing.
    • SolidWorks
    • Sketchup
  • 2D Fab Drawings: This year I had more time to learn the subtlties of creating 2d Fab drawings and now I am ready to create informative and technical content to make replication even easier
  • Fabrication: while onsite I can help out in the workshop with some of the fabrication that needs to be done for replicating GVCS machines.

Out of all of the GVCS Machines, here are a few that I think I could help push forward this summer.

  • CNC TorchTable
    • I would like to take a crack at the Arduino software, and see if we can run some simple GCode, then calibrate the end effector.
  • Truck
    • I would be happy to help with this project
  • Bulldozer
    • I am very interested in the traction required for adding a bulldozer module to the LifeTrac.
  • Micro House
    • I could help with the thermal efficiency of this design.
  • Microtractor
    • I would also be happy to help on this project.

Other Ideas

In addition to GVCS related work, I would be happy to help out with onsite chores and projects. Last summer we did a lot of work that wasn't GVCS related, but added to the FeF Infrastructure. I love how the Farm is becoming a micro village! :)


As of now, I am prepared to start work the week of May 27 or June 3. I would like to work on a weekly basis, until mid August. (about 10 weeks)

Email Logs


  • To: Marcin
  • From: Chris DeAngelis
  • Date: April 27, 2013
  • Subject: [DPV - Chris DeAngelis]

Hello Marcin, I would like to apply for a second dedicated project visit at Factor e Farm, starting June 2013. I was thinking that I could continue work on the Open Source CNC Torch Table; However, I would be interested in working on any other GVCS projects that are more urgent for Open Source Ecology. Since my last dedicated project visit I have completed the following college credits: -Electrical Engineering -Engineering Statistics -Mass and Heat Transfer -Elements of Machine Design -Materials Science -Technical Writing Please let me know if OSE can use me for another summer at Factor e Farm. :) All the best, Chris DeAngelis I will post a copy of this email on the wiki under: