Cognitive Override Sublimation

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This is Sublimation (psychology) that derives directly from a Cognitive Override aroused by an anxious or other 'negative' feeling. 'Negative' is in quotes because anything can have a good side and a bad side.

This phenomenon relies on taking an incoming 'negative' feeling and and processing it mentally - ie, not letting the negative go unresolved but dwelling on it in order to obtain a solution. The solution arises from examining and probing the 'negative' for insight - such as what inadequacy and thus potential learning can arise by looking into the 'negative'. This process relies on a a flexibility - an openness to learning - which enables one to engage authentic action learning by deciding on a new course of action that converts the 'negative' into a new skill, ability, improvement - or other positive quality. This the sublimation aspect - converting a negative into overwhelming positive development that allows one to have more life and creativity.