Cohort Rationale

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You may have noticed that the Core Enterprise Module relies on cohorts of 24 people for any build project. Within 4 years - the students can be trained fully as open source design builders - understanding the design to the point that they can design for efficient builds.

24 is selected as a good number of a small, platoon-size unit, and double of The 12. It can most favorably be described as 12 pairs, for engaging in 12 parallel tasks in Swarm Builds that are practiced as part of Extreme Manufacturing

Such a team is sufficiently large that they can complete a product development project to a good state of completion (Stage 10) according to the Stages of Product Release. Thus, at the scale of 24, bootstrapping economics become feasible - as sufficient coordination is achieved for effective product releases.

This is also an easily manageable unit in terms of ability to recruit, coordinate, and operate with such a team size - without exceptionally difficult logistics. Multiples of such a unit can join to a Village Scale.