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Extreme Manufacturing (XM) is paradigm of manufacturing where manufacturing transitions from the factory floor into community-based manufacturing facilities - where anyone can participate in production. XM can take the form of an Open Source Microfactory or another social production process. OSE uses a social technology for production where a swarm of people, under experienced leadership - is able to produce complex products in rapid time - such as building a car from scratch in one day. As such, XM is competitive with traditional production, but it also incorporates the human spirit of cooperation within a rapid learning environment. The goal is to relocalize and distribute production to make it more responsible, and to reconnect people with productive work. By relocalizing production, an additional benefit of reconnecting people to the natural environment is attained - as invariably the questions of ecological integrity arise as production becomes more transparent.

Due to the personal breakthroughs involved with discovering one's power of productivity - a significant healing effect results in peoples' psyches. As confidence is built, that confidence begins to translate to one's general approach to life. People gain in capacity of their self-deterimination - as in Self-Determination Theory. Thus, people become less susceptible to economic and political control - reshaping their identity more around that of a creator - not a passive and powerless consumer of the world around them.

Using principles of Extreme Manufacturing, OSE has so far performed one day builds of the CEB Press, Tractor, and 3D Printer, and has done 5 day builds of the Seed Eco-Home and Aquaponic Greenhouse. OSE can build a single large machine with 12 people in one day, and a 1400 square foot Seed Eco-Home in 5 days with 50 people. Our next milestones include building a village in 3 months with 200 people. To build up to that, we intend to test a 3 month program with 50 people first, whose first implementation is the Summer of Extreme Design-Build 2020.


An open source hardware manufacturing method. Its focus is module-based, Contract-First Design, open source design and collaboration, and a swarming build techniques where a large team can work in parallel - both during the design and build process. Extreme manufacturing is lean in all respects. Such efficiency requires elimination of any form of waste, especially competitive waste. The name is derived from Extreme Programming. This technique is currently under active development by Open Source Ecology. OSE is developing a revenue model for Extreme Manufacturing consistent with Distributive Enterprise.

The practical manifestation of XM efficiency is machines that can be built in a parallel, swarm build process in a single day. So far, the one day build has been achieved for the CEB Press, Ironworker Machine, Power Cube, Tractor, and 3D Printer.


OSE is currently developing XM Workshop Immersion Training for specific machines.


Read about origin of the term on Ouishare, October 25, 2012 . formerly at http://ouishare.net/2012/10/wikispeed-agile-manufacturing/ -

Archived copy of Ouishare article by Benjamin Tincq from October 25, 2012: File:Extrememanufacturing.pdf

11 Principles Supported by OSE's Extreme Manufacturing

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