Cold Saw/V1 Design Files/Shaft Block

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Shaft Block

  • Length: 76.2mm
  • Width: 50.8mm
  • Height: 150mm

  • Shaft Hole Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Shaft Hole Spacing Along Length: Centered
  • Shaft Hole Spacing Along Height: 65mm

  • Stopper Adjustment Hole: 10.5mm DIA, then M12x1.75 Tap with 20mm DIA 13mm Depth Counterbore
  • Stopper Adjustment Hole Depth: 60mm
  • Stopper Adjustment Hole Positioning: Corner

  • Fastening Notes: The shaft block can be welded onto the swivel plate (while a shaft is through their holes for alignment purposes) because precision along the horizontal plane is not important where the cutting angle is designed to change.
  • 2D Image


  • 3D CAD STP


  • 2D Fabrication Drawing PDF


  • 2D Fabrication Drawing DXF