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Please list all known collaboration platforms relevant to physical product development here. After we compile a list, we will analyze it and determine a strategy for using these platforms towards creating the Global Village Construction Set in conjunction with this wiki, the Drupal site, blog, and the Factor e Farm physical facility and collaboratory.


Blogs on Collaboration

Michel's Additions

One name: Massimo Menichinelli, via <>

These are the resources I'm aware of i.e. 2 to 4:

  2. The Open Innovations Project has a well organized, and updated directory of projects which is the best place to gauge the maturity of the various projects. While it as at present not as comprehensive as this list, it has a lot more details per project, and is organized as a real database.
  3. The 2008 Open Source Hardware Directory from Makezine, is conceived as a gift catalogue for hardware hackers.
  4. Oriented to hardware machines, this Thingiverse directory of open designs appears the most sophisticated at present. 

See also, via, the Reference Sites at bottom: [edit] Development Toolkits

  1. Alliance, free CAD tools and portable libraries for VLSI design
  2. Arduino, an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.
  3. Bluespec, a software tool developed at MIT for designing and testing circuits, making life easier for open-source-hardware engineers
  4. LEOX, Complete, free, open source, set of hardware and software components usable to build an embedded computer with its operating system that can be incorporated easily into a FPGA or into an ASIC...
  5. LiberLab, a DIY digital lab at a very low price
  6. Open CASCADE - software development platform freely available in open source. 

[edit] Companies

  1. Adafruit Industries, sells kits and parts for original, open source hardware electronics projects
  2. Liquidware: open source electronics shop
  3. Ponoko: 3D Printing shop 

[edit] Organizations

  1. Open Hardware Foundation [1]
  2. Shared Design Alliance 

[edit] Reference Sites:

  1. Appropedia
  2. DesignBreak
  3. InventGeek
  4. Instructables
  5. Makezine: magazine for the DIY makers community [2]
  6. Open Circuits, a wiki for sharing open source electronics knowledge, schematics, board layouts, ports and parts libraries
  7. Open Cores, a loose collection of people who are interested in developing hardware, with a similar ethos to the free software movement"
  8. Open Sustainability Network and its Standarrd blog
  9. SPI, founded to help organizations develop and distribute open hardware and software.
 10. TaskForge


  • From Michael K - So my thought is that there needs to be a much more robust development site (think SourceForge, GitHub).
    • There is a great book by Clay Shirky called “Here Comes Everybody” that goes fairly in depth into why collaborative projects like Wikipedia, SourceForge and others have seen such huge success, that might offer insight into how to allow users to help (not convince). It must be intuitive.
    • Either way, we’ve been developing an a site called “open+pario” which has the goal of facilitating open production but is geared towards a more broad base of knowledge producers (not just software). Here soon we’ll be taking beta testers and I would very much like to have you all involved. Let me know what you think!


  • From Charles C -
    • Eric Wilhelm and Saul are both founders of SquidLabs and Eric founded the Instructables website. Both ex-MIT and into kites too. Saul now runs kite wind energy company Makani Power. I think they were involved in Thinkcycle (but not sure) which was an 'open-source design' forum for underserved communities.

Strategy towards applying existing platforms to the Global Village Construction Set

  • Gaia University:Develop credible degree pathways in collaboration with Gaia's pre-existing network of experts and advisers. Contemporaneously, Factor E and its True Fans can develop a peer group of experts and advisers to facilitate the advancement of the Global Village Construction Set. The students attracted to this program will be accredited through Gaia University, in collaboration with Open Source Ecology and the many component projects of the Global Village Construction Set. These developments can lead to the future establishment of a Midwest-based Gaia University/Open Source Ecology union; surely, amid other productive sets of symbiotic relationships.

Degree Programs under Consideration : --to be recorded in near future--