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Thank you for reaching out to OSE. We work openly, and encourage collaborators to publish under open licenses so that the information is available to the public. Especially for the potential of developing enterprises that can be replicated widely around the world. This is consistent with our mission: collaborative design for solving pressing world issues.

What is the license under which you would publish the resulting research and information? If your license is open, please send me a draft of your proposal and a meeting agenda, so I can prepare for our conversation. Can you send any links to your designs and systems?

Our current focus is the Seed Eco-Home and Aquaponic greenhouse - so this fits in our current product rollout. See more information at and All of our documentation is there - so please study it if you are interested in building upon our designs or collaborating further on productization. Once again, the revenue models and business plans we generate are also published openly, so you would also have to agree to work openly on the enterprise front if that is the direction of the collaboration. If this is just an exploratory conversation, I cannot do that until we launch our product. Otherwise, anything that takes us closer to the product release is open for collaboration.

Thanks, Marcin