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As we validate the OSE Fellows model of open product development, we propose retention of OSE Fellows via a clearly visible acceleration of development. This is if each Fellow is interested in production for their local market - which is an inherent assumption of a Fellow's path to running a full open source microfactory for attaining material post-scarcity. Each Fellow develops, with the reward that all other Fellows are also developing products for their use. Remaining in the Fellows ecosystem is incentivized by free admission to the immersion learning of the Summers of Extreme Design/Build. The Summers of Extreme Design-Build must thus be very valuable.

  • Each Fellow owns a specific product, and works to make it go viral via careful exploration of Viral Replicability Criteria on an annual time scale.
  • Summers of Extreme Design/Build - each Fellow presents a one day crash course of their year's development at the annual gathering held at Factor e Farm. Registration is also open to the public, and free admission is given to all Fellows. All current Fellows are expected to present. Essentially - such immersion learning compresses one year of solid product development into one day of presentations.
  • The summer session is a place where other Fellows and the greater public can build the product lines of their respective microfactories. All production in the microfactories is on-demand production - with robust materials stocking based on supply chain reduction and optimization.
  • OSE will end up certifying all producers if they

The typical assets presented by each Fellow are:

  • Product quality control checklists
  • Producer certification procedures
  • Production Engineering
  • Build and Product Manual
  • Design Guide
  • Quality coffee table promotion book
  • Promotional video
  • Production and marketing automation
  • Open Source Everything Store product entry
  • All aspects of Viral Replicability Criteria


  • Fellows are retained because everyone in the Fellows cohort works for each other, thereby showing clear value addition of remaining in the Fellow community
  • Rapid-fire presenations occur during the Summer - with physical meeting and each Fellow producing a full day of immersion learning experience.
  • Fellows gain access to product certification, marketing, and workshop leadership offers from OSE, without having to run much of the operations/marketing themselves - outside of securing efficient production.
  • OSE creates an Open Source Everything Store - the equivalent of Amazon except for open source, distributed, collaborative product design, production, and fulfillment. Because inventory costs in such a scenario tend to zero, this can raise the profit margin for sellers from a few percent to 50 or more percent. This needs to be validated. 50 percent is typical of the manufacturing scenario - where labor is 50% and materials are another 50.