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In the OSE case, these are the conditions that allow truly collaborative video editing and production:

  1. Availability of video editing software to anyone without any access barriers. An open source, nonlinear video editing program that is cross-platform and free to download
  2. Teaching program to provide basic video editing with about a 2 hour learning curve
  3. Ability to share video edit files by anyone wishing to add value to an edit
  4. Ability to uplaod a video library of raw footage to a common repository
  5. Ability to develop the video editing software
  6. Common repository of open-licensed supporting media assets, soundtracks, animations, templates, standard icons, and other supporting resources for video production
  7. Ability to import and expert from and to a wide range of video formats
  8. Common repository of work-in-progress edits, and a version-tracking repository for these video assets
  9. Open source tools for creating animations, models, 3D designs; libraries for these tools to facilitate design
  10. Open standards for producing videos (such as style guides, format standards)
  11. Templates for instructional videos
  12. A repository of comics to lighten up presentations
  13. Usage of Open Source Codecs for video, audio, and subtitles
  14. Usage of open source video encoders, such as Handbrake
  15. Usage of non-proprietary raw video formats


  • WeVideo - Existing commercial collaborative video package - [1]

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