Collaborative Video Protocol

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OSE Individual Edit Protocol

Standad format of an MVP video edit uses Kdenlive and is:


Collaborative Process Specification

Source materials:

  1. Upload Kdenlive video edit file to a public repo such as a wiki or gitlab. Example -
  2. Upload video source files to Youtube or other file sharing repositories.
    1. Youtube is convenient. The original mp4 upload was 720HD. The Youtube download, was also 720HD with no visible downgrade of quality. But file size reduced from 370MB to 45MB - 8x. Thus - editing should be done from the downloaded files. This was for a 4 minute clip - so essentially 10 MB per minute.
  3. Upload graphics to a public repository
  4. Upload sound to a public repository or youtube
  5. With all files uploaded, start a wiki page called Video Name Collaborative Edit - with links to the Kdenlive file and all supporting files. This is completely scalable - and files can be anywhere. As long as the links are provided - remote editing can happen.


  1. Download the Kdenlive edit file.
  2. Download all source files - video, graphics, sound, other. Download and save using the exact filename provided - as uploaded by the original author - do not change filenames - so that the Kdenlive edit file recognizes all the source files.
  3. Place them all in the same folder on your desktop - along with your Kdenlive edit file
  4. Begin editing. Work only with downloaded files - not sources from your desktop - to assure that everyone is using identical assets
  5. As soon as you finish your session, upload the cut to the public repo with version control.
  6. To continue editing, download the edit file from the public repo.