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This page is dedicated to keeping track of commitments of volunteers regarding work towards completing the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) in as timely a fashion as possible. The motivation behind this page is to foster accountability and to help people clarify realistic goals and expectations. The aims of this are several:

  • To show commitments to an outside audience - where the outside audience gains insight into the effectiveness of the GVCS development team in terms of delivering results.
  • Provide transparency to the GVCS development process
  • Help volunteers plan their work more effectively by having an explicit chance to write down their goals
  • Provide insight into general organizational effectiveness to an outside audience. This is important in terms of creating an open source economy and a peer-to-peer culture.
  • Serve as part of a broader, open source economic development infrastructure for Open Source Ecology, and for Open Source Engineering in particular.

How Does This Work?

In order to keep people to their promises regarding volunteer work, the process is as follows. Please see the first entry for Marcin Jakubowski for the template of all the information required.

  • All volunteers set up an entry on this wiki upon being requested to do so by Project Managers or the Factor e Farm Core Team.
  • The entry consists of the written goals that volunteers commit to for the near future. The goal is to clarify realistic expectations, in as much detail as is possible to write down in a short description.
    • Date of promise
    • 1 month goal
    • 6 month goal
  • The volunteer or someone else goes back to the entry after 1 month and after 6 months, and reports back - whether the goal has or has not been reached. If the goals have not been reached, it is useful to comment why.
  • Comments - it is useful to keep track of comments, as these may provide insight into why things do or do not get accomplished. This is useful both for the development team and for an outside audience studying organizational effectiveness.

Marcin Jakubowski 11.7.08 Goals

Nov 2008

  • 1 month - I commit to building the flexible workshop at Factor e Farm by the end of November, to make a dedicated space for developing CEB Press digital fabrication beginning in November. As soon as this space is completed, it will be used for sawmill prototype development by Robert Todd, who is here at Factor e Farm.
  • Review: Goal not met. Workshop addition brick pressing took 3 weeks instead of one due to workflow and personnel issues. Mainly - one person can produce 200 bricks per day - due to the difficult work of soil loading. On Robert Todd - he is here on and off, and progress on the sawmill will be taken up by others on the Factor e Home Team.
  • 6 month goal - This takes us to the end of April. The goal is to have the CEB machine in full production, with a capacity of 4 machines being produced every week. This includes building the entire physical infrastructure and recruiting 4 more people to operate the facility, on an on-demand production basis.
  • Review: Overall, progress towards 6 month goal is on schedule as of Dec. 1, 2008.

Dec 2008

  • 1 Month:
    • I commit to finishing the workshop addition. As of Dec. 2, a part of the rear CEB wall is up. We should have no problems with this. Jeremy arrived Dec. 2, Ken is here, and Nick is expected Dec. 5. Robert Todd should be here for truss roof completion.
    • Commit to deploying the 1000 True Fans - 1000 Global Villages campaign - for funding GVCS Deployment at 1000 people committing to $10 per month.
    • Commit to finishing the XYZ table prototype - a working version, with sample cuts performed - ready to fabricate CEB prototype 2.

Nick Raaum

Nov 2008 Goals

  • 6-month goal: I will have a functional 65kW solar collector, biofueled steam generator and a 2-3kW steam engine prototype produced. The aim is nothing short of producing the lowest cost most competitive solar electric/thermal option out there. *1-
  • 1-month: Expect work to be posted in earnest starting in December.

Jeremy Mason

  • 12.02.08 Goals 1 month - I commit to researching, designing, drafting a bill of materials, project budget, and plan of implementation for the open source sawmill. I commit to publishing my research on the wiki for collaboration. I am picking up where Bob left off and when he returns we will work on the project together.


March - April 2009

  • 1 month - I commit to building a simple pyrolysis oil reactor.
  • Review
  • 6 month goal - I commit to building a simple pyrolysis oil reactor scalable prototype
  • Review:

Milestone Dates

   * Purchase Basic Parts by March 21st 2009
       **Purchased 3/4" OD copper pipe, 1/4 turn valve, five 90 degree elbows, 
         10' of 1/2 nominal copper flexible tubing, and one 3/4" to 1/2" coupler. 
         Waiting for 2" copper pipe (1') to be donated by Randy Hosteen along 
         with one solder cap and one screw cap. Looking for 10" deep water vessel
         with removable/sealable top for gas in and out flow.
   * Assemble simple pyrolysis reactor by March 22nd 2009
      ** 3/4 pipe cut into correct lengths and reamed as of March 21st.
      **2" copper pipe is not locally available; waiting for donation 
        delivery (most likely occur week of 22nd).
   * Preliminary Test Runs Finished by April 5th 2009