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This page is dedicated to keeping track of commitments of volunteers regarding work towards completing the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) in as timely a fashion as possible. The motivation behind this page is to foster accountability and to help people clarify realistic goals and expectations. The aims of this are several:

  • To show commitments to an outside audience - where the outside audience gains insight into the effectiveness of the GVCS development team in terms of delivering results.
  • Provide transparency to the GVCS development process
  • Help volunteers plan their work more effectively by having an explicit chance to write down their goals
  • Provide insight into general organizational effectiveness to an outside audience. This is important in terms of creating an open source economy and a peer-to-peer culture.
  • Serve as part of a broader, open source economic development infrastructure for Open Source Ecology, and for Open Source Engineering in particular.

How Does This Work?

In order to keep people to their promises regarding volunteer work, the process is as follows.

  • All volunteers list their commitment on the wiki
  • This is content that others can see, so some level of accountability is built into the process.

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