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OSE Community Management


  • What Community Management strategy should we develop to:
    • Facilitate involvement of new people
    • Attract technical contributors
    • Attract organizational developers
    • Provide ongoing updates
    • Maintain transparency on organizational development
  • What publishing and transparency procedures should we adopt, and what resources should we spend on getting this job done?
  • How should we deal with media relations, press releases, public presentations?
  • What are the requirements of a Community Management/Relations for a growing, open source, open hardware project?
  • We have Forums for general discussion. How to recruit and keep knowledgeable moderators in the loop, when the most qualified moderators (the doers) tend not to be online but in their workshops?
    • Resolution: technical forums with short but relevant reporting: suggested as part of the XM_Project_Page
  • How do we get proper forum for discussion when prototypers typically prefer to do things rather than talk about doing things?
  • Where does a community relations manager fit in our program?
  • How do we increase the quality of discussion on forums?
  • We do not have a clear Forum policy for contributions
  • What procedures does Canonical use to manage discussions and forums?

Suggested Strategy

  • Begin XM_Project_Page for each of the 50 GVCS projects
    • Productive logging and technical discussion carried on here
    • Scrum Master and Product Owner for each Project develop this page.
  • Recruit a full-time Strategic Collaboration developer - a high level advisory position that seeks strategic partnerships with individuals, startups, collaborators, funders, and any others interested in specific collaboration points related to the creation of the open source economy
  • Recruit a number of volunteers:
    • True Fans Relations Manager - managers True Fans program
    • Blogger - responsible for Weekly_Update_Blog_Post
    • Relationship Manager - answers emails about the project, must be knowledgeable about project
    • Community Spokesperson - responds to issues and maintains positive relations with community, as informed by leadership. Maintains media repository with Media Director
  • Information/product requests are send to project developers for specific project