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Last updated April 5, 2012

See latest version of platform at Aaron_log/XM_Project_Page_Prototype_2


The goal of the Project Page is to produce the most lean representation of the work being done on one of the 50 technologies (or others aspects such as organizational or FeF work), our goal being:

  1. Zero access barrier to collaboration
  2. Totally transparent and realtime or as soon as possible display of all project results and discussions
  3. Doorkeeping policy by requiring that participants join the team only upon completion of one or more tasks from the backlog
  4. Inspiration of team members to foster team member retention - by constant updating of the page with new results
    1. Note the Product box (second box) lists all of the results transparently 31 Steps of Product Development - with no content links being red, and if a blue link has no content, the page should be deleted to make the link red.
  5. Increase in the rate of production of significant results by granular listing of tasks and implementable strategies in the backlog
  1. Put completed task from Scrumy in Project Milestone Log
  2. The critical point of working as a team is simply: which sticky have you picked up off the backlog and put it in the In Progress column on Scrumy

Proposed Interface

Directions: Study this page, look at the backlog, pick up an item, and do it to join the team.

User Story: As product owner, I want the world to know what is going on with the project.

Minimalist Prototype 1


Product Links (31)


Progress Log


Details on the Different Boxes

(note: naming convention is at http://opensourceecology.org/gvcs.php)

For product Box, the links are standardized:



Daily Vlog

  • Every team (probably role of Scrum Master) does a one minute vlog - daily - critical to the buzz in each project.


  • Let's get an info architect on the team