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We are hosting a webinar with Jeff Lawton tonight.

Interested in raising chickens without grain and getting high quality compost as a by-product? Then join us tonight for a live webcast with permaculture designer Geoff Lawton of PRI Australia. We’ll be discussing his Chicken Tractor on Steroids - (you have to log in to see the video) - a system for feeding egg laying hens using compost piles. We’ll be asking him about how the system has worked over time, different ways to configure it including static run systems, and scaling it up to a commercial level. This is the first in a series of webcasts for our 2016 Distributive Enterprise Agriculture program, which will include an open source egg enterprise built around this idea. We are currently considering a 250 laying chicken operation + aquaponics greens as a robust, open source distributive enterprise model. Current projections indicate $15/hr owner-operator revenue for the chicken/aquaponic CSA, but we'd like to optimize that to $30-$45hr revenue so that it is highly replicable with viral adoption potential. How? Read 'The Lean Farm' by Ben Hartman.

Please comment below with questions about the compost chicken system and we’ll ask Geoff as many of them as we get time for. Tune in at 10pm CST USA Time. The Hangout on Air Webcast address is .


Building on the work of compost connoisseur Karl Hammer and permaculture educator Geoff Lawton, we’ll be testing whether a small farm can run a profitable egg enterprise by feeding chickens on local food wastes, producing compost as a by-product. Details of the system will be published here.

Video: "Chicken Tractor on Steroids"

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