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We are looking for a director of the construction and infrastructure aspects of Factor e Farm. This role involves construction, utility infrastructure, site planning, site maintenance, and furnishing of Factor e Farm.

Basic Terms

  • Must live on-site at Factor e Farm (accommodations are provided, applicant covers their own food)
  • Full time commitment (no outside jobs or telecommuting unless specifically negotiated)
  • Applicant covers travel to and from FeF
  • Applicant covers their own insurance needs
  • Semi-monthly blog posting on the Factor e Farm Blog according to FeF Blogging Standards
  • Financial compensation based on experience and culture fit
  • Alignment with open source culture
  • Openness to lifelong learning


Required Experience

  • Professional (or equivalent) carpentry experience at the virtuoso or master level
  • Experience with water utility infrastructure, plumbing
  • Electrical and plumbing systems design and installation
  • General contracting
  • Pouring foundations
  • Septic system and irrigation system installation
  • Construction equipment operation and maintenance - tractors, skid steers, backhoe, etc.
  • Ability to read architectural blueprints
  • Surveying and leveling

Desired Experience

  • Passive solar design
  • Natural building methods
  • CEB or adobe construction experience
  • House design
  • Steel construction
  • Site design
  • Architectural drafting
  • Interior design
  • Experience in heavy machine operation
  • Pattern Language recognition
  • Basic working proficiency in technical drafting or CAD
    • Reading fabrication drawings
  • Basic mechanical design/machine design skills
  • Teaching experience
  • Pond design and digging


  • Designs and builds a wide range of structures within the built environment - including living, working, agriculture, energy, space heating and other infrastructures
  • Installs electrical and water system infrastructure.
  • Works with Floyd Hagerman on technology transfer of CEB Contrstruction methods
  • Assists FeF documentation team in producing instructional materials
  • Writes scripts for construction instructionals


Planned construction includes:

  • 350 square foot microhouse on a week time-scale and $3000-5000 budget for shell structure including kitchen and bathroom
  • Gains proficiency in Sawmill and forestry operations
  • Works with GVCS equipment and provides feedback to related Product Directors on usability/development needs
  • Experience in standard construction techniques is a baseline, but should be complemented with quick learning ability of nonstandard and natural building techniques
  • Basic familiarity with equipment maintenance, repair, torching and welding is also desirable
  • Construction management skills are required
  • Required to cross train in basic fabrication/repair and other Core Cross-Training Tompetencies
  • Documents progress openly with a daily log and vlog on the wiki using an automatic upload platform such as an Android smart phone.
  • Interior house design using Sweet Home 3D
  • Produces house design in Sketchup
  • Rooftop water catchment cisterns and shallow well construction
  • Digs and develops deep water wells
  • Cross trains in Core Cross-Training Competencies

See also Long Term Construction Goals