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November 2013 I met with Andrew Rens to continue discussions regarding the OSE Contributor Agreement on the Wiki.

Conclusions are that in March - we should use - to generate a contributor agreement for the wiki, which is being updated for open hardware considerations. Next steps:

  • for wiki - add a Terms and Conditions for general website on wiki and blog, gotten from Andrew's site - The Terms and Conditions Template is at
  • Jack at USC will work with his class on the for Open Hardware License
  • On wiki, we generate a form that checks off - I agree to terms and conditions, and 'I read and agree to contributor agreement.' Then an email is sent to the person signing up - with conditions and etc clear. - Then OSE saves a copy PDF of the agreement on its server. (Add a checkbox for email for monthly newsletter?) which fields are critical - name - and email? Date is automatic?

Industry Standards


  1. The Terms and Conditions Template is at
  2. See list of companies that use contributor agreements. I am not sure which of them use wikis:
  3. One Community Contributor Agreement

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