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For information on the licensing used by this wiki, see Copyright. For more general information about licensing used by Open Source Ecology, see OSE License for Distributive Economics.




OSE (Licensor) terms for licensing OSE technology under its brand to third parties (Licensees).


  • OSE provides a nonexclusive, global license.
  • License involves using the OSE Logo, Black and White version
  • Branding follows the OSE Character Stand and Promise
  • Visual appearance follows OSE Graphics Guidelines
  • License is revokable at any time for non-compliance with Terms
  • License fee is on a per-sale basis - such that it makes sense for the Licensee, while providing support to OSE

Unique Intent

  1. This relationship is unique in that it focuses on working openly - with an absence of proprietary information. OSE's aim is to make the production process transparent to consumers - in order to educate the consumer on what goes on behind the scenes of production.
  2. Approach to the OSE Quality Assurance is providing a clear Product Label, which includes production and product information that allows the buyer to gain insight into the behind-the-scenes area of production. Label inludes:
    1. QR code linking to a wiki page that shows all the information about the product, including but not limited to:
    2. Detailed BOM that went into that specific product
    3. Any test data obtained on the product
    4. Labor rate paid to assembly workers, if possible
    5. Any

Licensee Responsibilities

  1. Publishing all assets under a CC-BY-SA-4.0 International license, and any code under GPL or other OSI-approved license
  2. Any code/software developed for the kits/products must be inluded in the documentation, and must be compatible with the Linux computer Operating System out of the box, preferably Ubuntu.
  3. Licensee publishes sourcing information on the OSE Wiki in the form of embedded Google Spreadsheet. See Embedding Google Docs
  4. Publishing the supporting documentation below in Engligh for the Western customers.
  5. Publishing BOM at OSE-SZOIL Universal Axis
  6. BOM contains clear, unambiguous, transparent sourcing information that includes:
    1. Detailed part description
    2. Link to data sheet or specs if available
    3. Listing of the ISO, CE, or any other other certifications for that component
    4. Link to the online source
    5. Email contact of supplier
    6. Address of supplier
    7. Price
    8. Minimum order quantity
    9. Delivery time
  7. Publishes Build Instructions at OSE-SZOIL Universal Axis#Build Instructions
  8. Publishes Quality Control Procedures at OSE-SZOIL Universal Axis#Quality Control
  9. Ships a sample of kit or product to OSE headquarters, 909 SW Willow Rd, Maysville MO 64469, USA
  10. Publishes also at OSE-SZOIL Universal Axis:
    1. Graphics assets related to marketing, such as packaging design
    2. Production engineering information - which includes information on how the individual parts were fabricated
    3. Quality Assurance documents - any part testing or verification as performed by manufacturer or assembler of kit
  11. Uses the Universal Axis-based 3D printer to produce Universal Axis parts, as ongoing validation of the effectiveness of the Universal Axis for its defined task.
  12. Works only with suppliers that allow OSE visits for quality control and education purposes

OSE Responsibilities

  • Inspects sample kit/product after receiving shipment
  • Assists in finding existing documentation for the Universal Axis
  • Inspecting manufacturing facility as decided by OSE
  • Assembling the documentation provided by the Licensee into a Product Lable.
  • Collaboration on review of the Product Label for description and marketing information.



  • Sample production/distribution contract - [1]
  • Limitation of Liability - [2]

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