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The OSE approach is to build upon all the knowledge of civilization to distill those principles which are not controversial. The goal of OSE is to maximize a collaborative effort towards civilization mid-course correction. Is this even possible? Can people agree on what that is? OSE aims to distill and follow proven principles in order to assure maximum buy-in from a significant number of people. Building upon proven ideas has historically been the key to OSE's popularity, and as the OSE message is clarified, even larger collaboration can take place.

At the same time, we do not expect everyone to agree with our core beliefs. By defining them clearly below, we are opening up discussion for reconciling differences.

At OSE, we hold each other accountable to these values, and we ask collaborators to refine and clarify these values as we move forward:

  • Absolute empowerment of people through open access to learning, especially of productive, transformative entrepreneurship. OSE's focus is critical infrastructure technologies.
  • Responsibility. With great power comes great responsibility. Combined with systems thinking, we understand that things are connected and that we are all in it together. It is not right that some prosper at the expense of others. Are ethics and responsibility extends to all people in the world as well as to Nature. Our consciousness is at least global, if not universal.
  • 'Freedom - both positive and negative as accepting a clear distinction between the two - Negative Freedom, Positive Freedom, can reconcile key differences of opinion in society. OSE calls the combination of positive and negative freedom integrated freedom.
  • Systems Thinking. Integration and reconciliation of different belief systems, and the treatment of the world as a whole, not a partisan, special interest, or siloed approach. Understanding of the connection between seemingly disparate parts of the system towards creating a balance between human and natural ecosystems.
  • Diversity of options and choices that allows for positive and negative freedom. Part of allowing for diversity is the acceptance of inclusion. This tends towards finding common ground. Diversity of opinion also allows for accepting disagreement, which means that various viewpoints are accepted for discussion, as opposed to being untouchable. This is important for preserving individuals who have a different opinion, allowing freedom of thought, and freedom from groupthink. Inclusion means AND, not EITHER OR.
  • Integrated Humans. People who are as healthy and capable as possible, respecting that feeding the body, mind, and spirit is important.
  • Growth Mindset. Lifelong learning to create new capability and options, promoting one's freedom. This promotes responsibility and merit. The tendency to be surprised - as opposed to know. Would you rather know something, or be surprised by learning something new? A growth mindset makes one ready for transcendence of issues.
  • Openness. Vulnerability to transparency to learn new things and to express oneself openly without fear of retribution.
  • Transcendence. By being creative, we look for resolution of seemingly irreconcilable situations. We always look to grow and to learn in order to transcend limits. When faced with difficulty we look for inspiration, and rise above the situation to produce a constructive solution. We do not get bogged down, but instead we look to expand our perception, time frame, scale, or capacity in order to solve issues.
  • Long Term Thinking. we look for solutions that are timeless, as opposed to assing fads.