Crack Of Dawn Meetings

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Wednesday, September 07 (3:39)

  • Need to ship out a tractor. Mounting for the new powercube.
  • Engine tests(2 Hours)
  • Shakedown New Welder
  • Powercube Assembly overview
  • Cut Tabs for tanks
  • Brianna working on CEB

Tuesday, September 06 (4:45)

  • Money ain't in! Emergency mode!
  • power cubes explosions!
  • Galvanized Fittings for power cubes.
    • BAD IDEA - Needs constant rewelding. Non-galvanized works on the first try.
  • Brianna staying till saturday.
  • Power Cube Tank Welding Procedure
  • OOOh Harbor Freight cheap mini 190 amp welders! Supply run!

Monday, September 05 (3:30)

  • Brianna taking over the Backhoe project
  • OSE project Deliverables
  • Goal to finalize CEB Press CAD ready for publishing tomorrow
  • Shanda working on MultiMachine, cadding up Solidworks (finally got working).
  • Chris clearing off platter for 3D Printer next week. (Carana, Power Cube, CEB, wiki, documentation)
  • Cut Lists (hopper pieces)
  • Marcin - Cleaning up Power Cube Tank bungs (delays).


  • Day off.

Saturday, September 03 (12:59)

  • Similar to yesterday
  • Hab Lab Update
    • Estimates
    • CEB Roller Design
    • Yo Mama Construction Methods
  • Shopping List

Friday, September 02 (4:30)

  • Power Cubes almost done!
    • Finish leak testing on tanks
    • Checkoff on cuts
    • Frames all welded
    • Wiring Instructions
    • Battery Cables
    • Throttle Mounts
    • Filter Assembly Instructions
    • Assembly and Weld!
    • Build right behind tractors for easier mounting.
    • Goal to finish power cubes by end of today.
  • Whiteboards
  • Bakers supply run.

Wednesday, August 31 (6:10 PM)

  • Welcome Bruce Baker!
  • Power Cube Inventory
  • Shopping list

Monday, August 29 (3:20 PM)

  • Funding delays
  • Strategies with priorities (Prototyping, Documentation, Enterprise Training)
  • Brianna's todo list (see Brianna Log
    • Retorching undersized feet holder
    • Hopper Plates
    • Welder shakedown.
    • Install Drawers
  • Chris going on a supply run (Nuts, Fans, Muffler Pipe)

Wednesday, August 24 (began at 7:15 PM)

  • Discussion about progress on personal wiki logs and also progress made by Chris and Tom. Problems with using Media Wiki.
  • Shonda added picture to wiki log - and gained praise.
  • Discussed progress made on Power Cube documentation and problems encountered with wiki and graphics.
  • New and improved labor standards mandate 1 to 3 hours of "real work" in the OSE community.
  • Discussion about cleaning up the grounds, recycling the tin cans, glass, burning trash, etc.
  • Certified welders will arrive soon to help the effort.

Tuesday, August 23 (began at 5:20 PM)

  • Discussed importance of wiki logs for each participant
  • Spent time reviewing others' wikis, updating and giving suggestions for enhancements
  • Discussed trip to Sweigert Shop and progress made there
  • Discussed "to do" items for everyone:
    • Tom to get with Chris for graphics for the documentation
    • Chris to research milling machines, including new makes
    • Brianna and Marcin to move equipment to new workshop building

Monday, August 22 (began at 4:10 PM)

  • Discussed everyone's access to the wiki Logs - some were still lacking and followed up on getting everyone's log updated.
  • Discussed documentation efforts for Power Cube and CEB press. Tom said the biggest delays were in graphics and distractions.
  • Discussed to do tasks:
    • Tom - test electronics
    • Shonda - investigate milling machines for purchase
    • Briana - finalize CEB press
    • Everyone - Help with new structure, adding extenders to roof

Sunday, August 21 (began about 5:00 PM)

  • The first part of meeting addressed wiki and that everyone needs to be maintaining log entries for their participation.
  • The discussion then went into the tasks to be performed.
  • Then discussed immediate to do list - the first task was to work on the roof for the new shop space.