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Thur. 7 Aug. 2014

  • Started work on dozuki microhouse 3 wall modules [1]

Thur. 5 Jun. 2014

Wed. 4 Jun. 2014

Tues. 3 Jun 2014

  • Documented problems encountered during Lasersaur Exterior Panel Installation
  • Started Workshop reorganize and fixed some power tool plugs and extension cord ends.
  • Worked with a team to reassemble the CEB Press. Learned it is important to have a CAD model that matches the actual model. Also good to replace nuts and washers onto corresponding bolts while disassembling in order to simplify reassembly.

Mon. 2 Jun 2014

Sat. 31 May 2014

  • Finalized prep for OSE
  • Installed software recommended in DPV Offer Letter