Crowdfunded Video Production

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Put up a page where we collect money for videos, at a given budget. Once the money is collected, we publish a video. There is for a clear video budget associated with high quality videos. It also invites bidding for others who could do the videos.

People select projects to document, involving the video producer, including lively FB group of what to publish and potential collaborative scripts.

The issue is - we have way more projects than we can document. We can provide documentation suggestions out of our priorities - so that it's consistent with our current activity and thus lends itself to current video recording. As opposed to past projects, where footage may be missing.

Requirements are part of Collaborative Video Protocol, where all assets generated are made public as HD and displayed in a gallery. So the value proposition is that OTHERS CAN PRODUCE VIDEO using high quality footage - and we may be multiplying the results from the paid effort.

Once a funding basket is filled, the video is a go, video guy is invited, and we do the shoot and production. It must be financially sustainable so the video guy can do it on a predictable and regular schedule.