D3D Functional Specification

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See Functional Specification Document Definition and Template for the goals of this document.

Discussion - Technically this is the 3D printer FS - The 3D3 would be a machine branch with several sub branches off the 3D printer machine project? or is that taking things to far?

The D3D is a FDM printer.


Functional requirements

1. Affordable (What is considered affordable?) 2. All modules and parts are OSE modules or machines as possisable. 3. This printer prints at a rate of at least n 4. this printer can print ABS, PLA and rubber fillaments

Branches and Replications History

Replication history summary (Narrative)

  • We started with a Prusa i3 replication - but the product was somewhat inferior, and not highly modular or scalable. Hence transition to the Universal Axis - and D3D.
  • Michel, currently on the Dev Team - is the originator of the D3D Universal Axis, based on OSE Spec. This is working - recent results on the D3D Circuit Mill have proven the Universal Axis application to other functions outside of 3D printing.
    • From this branch, we have many metal frame iterations - The universal axis is a magnetically attached CNC axis
    • We also have new replications, such as the PVC iterations

D3D OHIO v18.01 12" PVC

DESIGN SPEC LINK: D3D Ohio 18.02 Design Specification

Reason for Branching

This branch of the D3D project researches better affordability of the platform though use of PVC tubing as the metal magnetic frame is expensive to machine, and the added structural integrity of a "just 3D printer" may not need such reinforcement. The branch is a an option the emphisises ease of replication and affordablity. Research goals will be evaluation of PVC as a valid material in frame construction.

Initial builds at the Factory E Farm have shown decent prints on a frame made with 3/4" PVC tubing.

Design Synopsis

Pictures of latest model (may be old)