D3D Mega v23.05 Calculations

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Bed Lift

Using 8 total 8mm universal axes on the Z axis, the printer is calculated to be able to lift up to 72lbs max before belt skipping occurs. With the bed weighing in at roughly 30-40lbs, there will be a minimum of 30lbs left for lifting the print. See GT2 Belts for notes on lifting power. Adding counterweights as was done in the D3D Giga build could enable prints up to the full 72lbs.

Calculation for max lifting capacity per motor:

(72 ozin stepper motor and ¼” radius gear = 17.7lbs of force per motor max)

17.7*8 z axes = 141.6lbs maximum lifting force

Assume that steppers can achieve ½ of this for safety and you get ~72lbs

Bed will weigh approx. 50 lbs

72lbs - 50lbs = 22lbs of lift for the print (assuming no counterweight system)

Full 72lbs can be used for print if counterweight system is used.

Heated Chamber

Breakdown of calculating insulation


D3D Mega v23.05