D3D Mega v23.05

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D3D Mega v23.05
D3D Mega v23.05
Short description
Product Ecology Uses 3D printed parts printed by itself.
License OSHWA and OSI compliant. CC-BY-SA-4.0 International, GPLv3, DIN SPEC 3105.
Module 1 Universal Gearless Extruder
Module 2 Fast Heated Bed
Module 3 Universal Axis CNC motion system
Module 4 Universal Controller multipurpose controller
Module 5 Universal Frame system
Module 6 Heated Bed Chamber system
Key Specification Scaled to 2' bed size using the 8 mm Universal Axis.
Construction Steel frame with 3D printed corners are used to hang the Universal Axis. Steel-plastic assemblies are used throughout, using 3D printed plastic for complex geometries and steel for strength.
Productivity Best-in-class heatbed for speed of heating and temperature (up to 178C). Best-in-class extruder for print speed using rubber (in addition to thermoplastics). Current productivity is 5 lb/24 hr print rate per print head. Features ready scalability to 20 lb/day print rate using the Supervolcano Nozzle. Features scalability to 4-9 print heads for an 80-180 lb/day print rate.
Completion Status
This fork of the D3D Mega is designed to use multiple 8mm Universal Axes paired together for additional strength on the Z axis, enabling a larger bed size while still using the easy to source and build 8mm axis.
Next Steps
Product releases of D3D Pro 2 (12" print bed) and D3D Pro 3 (18" print bed), as well as developing the 4x4x8" 3D printer + OSE Shredder + OSE Filament Maker to solve the plastic waste issue. OSE's solution is distributed production of construction materials such as plastic lumber and other large objects from waste plastic feedstocks, with a print rate of up to 180 lb/printer/day.
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Development Template
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1 Requirements + Value Proposition D3D Mega v23.05 Requirements + Value Proposition 0
2 Industry_Standards D3D Mega v23.05 Industry Standards 0
3 Conceptual Design D3D Mega v23.05 Conceptual Design 0
4 Module Breakdown D3D Mega v23.05 Module Breakdown 0
5 3D CAD D3D Mega v23.05 3D CAD 0
6 Calculations D3D Mega v23.05 Calculations 0
7 Electronics Design D3D Mega v23.05 Electronics Design 0
8 Wiring and Plumbing D3D Mega v23.05 Wiring and Plumbing 0
9 Software D3D Mega v23.05 Software 0
10 BOM D3D Mega v23.05 BOM 0
11 vBOM D3D Mega v23.05 vBOM 0
12 CAM Files D3D Mega v23.05 CAM Files 0
13 Cut List D3D Mega v23.05 Cut List 0
14 Build Instructions D3D Mega v23.05 Build Instructions 0
15 Fabrication Drawings D3D Mega v23.05 Fabrication Drawings 0
16 Exploded Part Diagram D3D Mega v23.05 Exploded Part Diagram 0
17 Production Engineering D3D Mega v23.05 Production Engineering 0
18 Build Pictures and Video D3D Mega v23.05 Build Pictures and Video 0
19 Data Collection D3D Mega v23.05 Data Collection 0
20 Future Work D3D Mega v23.05 Future Work 0
21 Troubleshooting and Repair D3D Mega v23.05 Troubleshooting and Repair 0


Enterprise Template
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1 Unique Value Proposition D3D Mega v23.05 Unique Value Proposition 0
2 Product Strategy D3D Mega v23.05 Product Strategy 0
3 Cost Structure D3D Mega v23.05 Cost Structure 0
4 Business Plan D3D Mega v23.05 Business Plan 0
5 Open Source Franchise D3D Mega v23.05 Open Source Franchise 0
6 Training and Management D3D Mega v23.05 Training and Management 0
7 Facility Design D3D Mega v23.05 Facility Design 0
8 Supply Chain Development D3D Mega v23.05 Supply Chain Development 0
9 Production D3D Mega v23.05 Production 0
10 Quality Control D3D Mega v23.05 Quality Control 0
11 Product Assets D3D Mega v23.05 Product Assets 0
12 Marketing Strategy D3D Mega v23.05 Marketing Strategy 0
13 Marketing Plan D3D Mega v23.05 Marketing Plan 0
14 Product Webpage D3D Mega v23.05 Product Webpage 0
15 Sales and Distribution Strategy D3D Mega v23.05 Sales Strategy 0
16 Customer Support D3D Mega v23.05 Customer Support 0
17 Shipping D3D Mega v23.05 Shipping 0
18 Open Source Everything Store D3D Mega v23.05 Open Source Everything Store 0
19 Marketing and Sales Data D3D Mega v23.05 Marketing and Sales Data 0
20 Customer Feedback D3D Mega v23.05 Customer Feedback 0
21 Continuing Improvement D3D Mega v23.05 Continuing Improvement 0
22 Future Work D3D Mega v23.05 Enterprise Future Work 0