D3D Mega v23.05 Requirements + Value Proposition

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Must be able to overcome bed lift issues of previous versions of D3D Mega and Giga printers.

Must be affordable.

Must have space for a future high temperature heated chamber upgrade. See Open Source High Temperature 3D Printer for more details.

Must be able to assemble with as few specialized tools as possible. This is to allow people who have no access to a workshop to build their own printer.


Value Proposition

The D3D Mega is a high temperature 3D Printer capable of printing even engineering plastics on an extremely large 600mm x 600mm build platform at less than 1/10th the cost of competing printers. The D3D Mega is also designed to be user serviceable, and is constructed from common-off-the-shelf components that can be easily replaced in the future.

Offers a massive 24"x24" (~600mmx600mm) build area.

Robust and open source design that uses common off the shelf components. (COTS)

Comparable in price to closest competitor when parts are individually sourced. (Tronxy X5SA 600)


D3D Mega v23.05