D3D Paper Feed Mechanism

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  • A Module that can be added to a D3D Printer / D3D Univeral or similar device
  • Allows for feeding standard paper into the "print bed", temporary clamping of it, then "ejection" of the printed sheet into a bin
  • Perhaps a large format design with a roll of large paper, and a cutting device
  • Main use case would be documents, design papers, and the most likely large format posters
  • This would most likely not work well for pictures etc, but for basic text and designs it should work great
  • Thus a the machine can make basic printed pages, using standard pens/markers, or perhaps even diy ink and/or paper allowing for VERY low cost prints (especially for large format as these printers tend to have high cost and store prints also have a high cost (granted this may be for the inkjet based ones, industrial cnc plotters may be cheaper)

Industry Standards

  • Dissect a standard printer's feed mechanism/look for info on this

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

  • Two Versions
    • Standard Letter Paper (And perhaps small picture paper) version
    • Large Format Roll Version
  • Additional Option of Pen Swapper (Motor on tightening mechanism, and a carousel of pens?)

Basic Desing

Movement System

  • Either a standard D3D printer device (D3D Pro, D3D Universal, etc) or a 2d optimized build (like a cnc router etc, little z axis due to need)

Pen Holder

Pen Carousel

  • A Simple Stepper Motor and a 3D Printed Disk With Positions at regular intervals of various pens and markers etc
  • Could allow for:
    • Multiple Colors
    • Multiple Line Thicnknesses
    • A Ridiculous Copic Marker Color Based System
    • also could have adhesive sticks, folding tools, and drag knifes, but this would likely be a different machine

Holding Mechanism

  • Two Bars on each side apply pressure to the edge (withing standard margins? )
  • 1 motor and a belt/gear system to syncronise them, or two electronically synced motors

Feed + Ejection Mechanism

  • 1 Active Roller (Can a standard dc motor be used, ie no need for precision stepper/servo etc)
  • Passive rollers for stability (above and below, but how many
  • Keep the sides at a close distance/tolerance to act as "guide rails"
  • Perhaps similar mechanism for ejection?

Ramp + Bin

  • 3D Printed Ramp attaches to edge of printer
  • Leads into either a 3D printed, or standard plastic bin



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