D3D Troubleshooting and Repair

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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Make this a place for generic troubleshoting, towards a Guide. For 3D printer operation log, see 3D Printer Log


  • Squareness - print a flat square across the whole surface. Is it centered? Is it at a right angle? Use the bed itself to measure skewness, as the bed should have perfect geometry to +/- 1/32.
  • Basic print test for print quality - print Elongated Cube.


  • Motors are lacking torque and are inconsistent

Make sure that the belts are tight and are not rubbing on either side of the end slots

  • Bed is tilted

add a second Z axis and mount the bed on the middle a central axis(y)-->When putting the second Z axis together make sure that both of the axis are exactly the same, contrarily to the double Y axis the software doesn't allow mirror movement so just put them together like twins

  • Probe is tilted or moving

cut the attach arms to the extruder halfway so that the probe fixation is closer (make sure that it's long enough to be the same lenght as the nozzle or more.


  • Temperature 0
  • MinTemp//Motors are shutting down

This means that there is a problem with the heat sensor connection