D3D Universal v21.06 Unique Value Proposition

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The values below are taken from D3D Universal Product Release page

  1. Universal Gearless Extruder. Our unique design works well with both 1.75 and 3 mm filament, and its ClogFree exposed filament path allows for clogs to be cleared in seconds. No other 3D printer that we know of uses 3 mm filament without using a geardown, and we also know of no other extruder that accepts both 1.75 mm and 3 mm filament without any modification.
  2. Interchangeable Tool Heads. You can attach other toolheads simply by removing one bolt. D3D Universal ships with a spring-loaded pen plotter attachment with automatic bed leveling probe so you can print designs on flat substrates such as paper, plywood, metal, cardboard, plastic, or t-shirts. You can attach any pen or marker. We plan on releasing a vinyl cutter, CNC mill/drill attachment, and laser cutter head in February, 2020.
  3. Self-replicating - print more parts and build more D3D Universal printers. The limit here is that you still have to use metal parts that you buy from the store - but you can make 1/3 of the unique parts with the printer itself.
  4. Distributive Enterprise. Our goal is to shift the world from consumerism to a maker society. And we have a clear way for you to do this: we will buy printed parts for the 3D printer from you, so you effectively become our supplier! This is an education in itself - as you will need to learn specific quality control methods so that you can guarantee to us that your parts will work. Find out more about this unique opportunity at D3D Universal Part Production
  5. OSE Lifetime Design Guarantee - We pay attention to simplicity, desing-for-repair, design-for-disassembly, and robustness. We use a 100% open source design with full documentation in FreeCAD. We use common, off-the-shelf parts in our design You can improve D3D Universal with time by modifications or tool head additions - no specially-fabricated parts or exotic components are necessary. This means that YOU can decide how long you would like to continue using the machine, where ready replacement parts and our design-for-repair make this easy by using parts that you print, parts from a local hardware store, or from Amazon. Even if we ever go out of business, you will be able to use, maintain, and upgrade your machine.
  6. Universal Axis belt-driven design. CNC motion system for modification and scalability. Can be scaled up 100x in size and 2000x in torque-handling ability by upsizing from 8 mm prcision motion rods up to 3 inch shaft.
  7. Uses the Universal Controller, which can be scaled up to power much larger machines with the ready addition of external stepper motor drivers.
  8. Product Ecology - The D3D Universal is part of a larger product ecology of machines with interchangeable parts. It can make parts for other machines.
  9. Bootstrapping to the Open Source Microfactory - As part of the OSE product ecology - we allow for easy bootstrapping. D3D Universal can be used to make all the 3D printed parts for our dedicated production printer, the D3D Pro. It can also be used to make all the parts for our CNC Torch Table.

The values below are new and introduced for the first time during the development of D3D Universal v21.06

  1. Halogen Heat Bed - The heated bed uses common low cost R7S halogen bulbs to heat the print surface. The halogen bulbs, using just 1/4 of their rated power, heat the surface in short time while preserving the lifetime of the bulbs themself.