D3D Value Proposition

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Main Points

  • Robustness of FFF kit and turnkey 3D printer matches the best in the world in terms of both continuous and non-continuous print time. 1000 hour continuous run time via self-harvestability of parts.
  • The world's only scalable FFF printer with Extensive Scalability and Intensive Scalability up to scales 10x as large as the basic small printer.
  • The fastest 3D printer build from kit compared to other options, while attaining the tight quality control for 1000 hour continuous print time requirement.
  • The world's first Distributive Enterprise, implying that workshops aims to give participants two future business possibilities; 3D printing things and hosting 3D printer workshops. Possible future hosting is a significant added value compared to other RepRap assembly workshops.
  • The world's first definition and implementation of Viral Replicability Criteria

Stretch Goals

  • The world's only solar-heated FFF printer. Done by polycarbonate panels added to the faces to trap sunlight.
  • The world's first practical household-use 3D printer for goods including sizable goods such as tubs and containers, contributing thousands of dollars to household goods value, with associated meltdown infrastructure for recycling plastic to make printing filament. The goal is lifetime design of plastic and rubber products for the home - going zero waste on household plastic.
  • First example of a replicable funding program for Right Livelihood based on open source hardware. 3D Printer production funds other work by streamlining enterprise startup - lowering barriers to entry of small producers. The world's first dedicated Open Source Ecology Right Livelihood incubator (to be created). Read the OSE Model of Change.

If you are a 3D printer developer or entrepreneur and think that you have claim to any of these points before us, please contact us at info at opensourceecology dot org so we can collaborate and Everyone could benefit.