D3D v18.04 Requirements and Value Proposition

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  • Check.pngA portable, high performance machine
  • Check.pngPerformance is defined as (1) plug-and-play, (2) ease of control, (3) scalability, (4) high print quality, (5) fast printing, and (6) printing in all materials
  • Check.pngUses high temperature, 3 mm extruder, opimized for both fast printing (E3D Volcano Nozzle) as well as flexible filaments (short and supported extrusion distance)
  • Check.pngEasy to source parts
  • Check.pngBuildable in 5 hours
  • Check.png3D printable frame that still allows for high stability
  • Check.pngStability of 3D printed frame may be assured via mini rebar plus concrete inside the pipes if needed
  • Check.png8" bed for minimum viable product
  • Check.pngExtensible to 12" bed after 8" version is optimized
  • Check.pngIncludes a full Design Guide
  • Check.pngIncludes a FreeCAD workbench for design.
  • Check.pngHas well-developed cable management
  • Check.pngHas quick exchange toolheads via magnetic mount and complete unpluggability of print head using a single connector.

Control Requirements - Print Cluster

  • Must have ability to start from a file located on the user's control computer, and upload it to the SD card on RAMPS itself or to another location next to one printer. This avoids print failure upon any failure of upstream components, such that only power failure to the 3D printer has the potential to abort a print job.
  • Check.pngEliminate the laptop from being needed by sending files to an SD card on the RAMPS. This is the most secure way to control a printer - by eliminating dependence on a USB connection.
  • Check.pngAllow for monitoring of print job (video cam, progress)
  • Check.pngAllow to abort jobs remotely in case of failure detection
  • Check.pngAllow for remote control via the web (sales of products + integration with open source microfactory)


Value Proposition

  • Construction Set via universal Axis, D3D Workbench in FreeCAD, and a Design Guide.
  • Industrial applications by size of prints and any material
  • easy enclosure for semi-heated chamber

Construction Set Value

  • Quick exchange tool mount can be magnetically mounted - OR it can be attached via bolts for contact machining.
  • Univeraal axis can take many configurations: XYYZ, XYYZZ, XXYYZZ, AND XYYZZZ, and XXYYZZZZ as common configurations. From there, you can go on to stacked or piggybacked versions.
  • You can build a CNC circuit mill based on the same design, as well as a laser cutter with enclosure.


  1. PVC Pipe, as is, with OSE Linux. Test print quality.
  2. Make existing model photo ready.
  3. Add Prusa i3 MK2 extruder with 8 mm sensor.
  4. Add plug for quick disconnect of print head - for laser or other applications
  5. Add battery cover
  6. Add Pi Zero for zero setup effort in workshops. $10 Pi Zero, $6 SD Card [#Add Prusa i3 MK2 extruder with 8 mm sensor], 12V to 5V converter $3 [2].
  7. Pi Zero cluster. Start with up to 4 printers per Pi. Then break up to new Pis.


  • Octoprint does allow printing from an SD card - Octoprint can start an SD based print off the sd card in the printer itself with the drawback that it cannot monitor your print. - [3]. Also - [4] and [5]


  • Double Connector may be used with a 6 or 12-pair cable
  • Gauge 22 Wire Ampacity is 5A enclosed, so it is suitable. It is 2.5A with 4-6 cores.
  • DIY Cat5 splitter -[6]