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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Cloned from D3D v18.04 and refactored


There are 5 places where software may be configured when developing new versions of the OSE 3D Printer. The Cura used here is D3D Lulzbot Cura.

  1. Marlin - versions after April 23, 2018 work - File:OSE Marlin.zip
  2. Configuration file (.ini) in Cura - File:D3D Profile.ini. May 24, 2018 version.
  3. Start and end g-codes in Cura - contained in configuration file
  4. Machine Settings in Cura - contains bed size, z offset, number of extruders, presence of heated bed. And E steps per mm of filament. This is the only place to set presence of heated bed. Note that machine settings are saved in Cura, so when you restart Cura, you can use the same machine settings. Note also that upon first run, the nozzle size selection shows up. Point - be careful about where settings are put - as nozzle size can be changed in Machine Settings in Cura and Print Settings in Cura - and in the Cura command line. See Cura Machine Settings Notes
  5. Print Settings in Cura - contained in configuration file -

Note also that EEPROM Settings may affect the way that the 3D printer works.

Startup From Scratch

  • If you have a different printer that you want to use - load Cura
  • Upload File:OSE Marlin.zip to the new OSE printer
  • Then install proper configuration file for that printer - using File:D3D Profile.ini
  • Then in Cura, go to Machine -> Machine Settings

D3D E3D Titan Aero - 408 steps/mm

The E3D Titan Aero extruder instructions say to start with 837 steps per mm [1]. This is far from the OSE case - about 2x off. Using 837, the filament moves 10.25 inches instead of 5 inches - so reducing the steps yields 408 steps per mm.


  1. Machine settings currently on OSE Linux v1.0 - heated bed needs to be turned on:


  1. Note that G Codes in the Cura interface do not appear to override the G Codes from Marlin. Does this have to do with EEPROM settings? How are EEPROM Settings relevant?

To Get Proper Prints with a New Extruder

  1. Verify e-steps for the extruder - and make sure Cura machine settings are consistent.
  2. Test extruder - so it's extruding correctly with Cura interface