D3D v20.04 Data Collection

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TPU Printing

Stepper Drivers

  • DRV 8825 is used for more current on Z. [1]
  • Initially, one side motor on Z was 44 mm long (17PM-K402-P4V Minebea Motor Mfg Corp, V and A not shown), and the other was 48 mm long (17PM-K402-P5VS, 3.9V 1.3A). *Small motor was easy to stop - pound or 2, whereas larger motor was more like 10lb to stop.

Heating Time

  • Extruder - at 11C from 11C to 230C - 2:15
  • Bed - 2:47 at 11C from 11C-100C, 20C hysteresis at top


  • Print volume - 12x12x10 inches - 1440 cu in - or 24 lb max weight of print. Bed can be lowered to attain 12x12x11 or more print volume.

Bed Weight Holding Capacity

  • From D3D v20.04 Calculations, bed is 12 lb, and we should be able to lift a total of 40 lb withe the stepper motors - so an additional 25 lb.
  • Weight of 1/8" steel plate, 8x8" - 2.3 lb. 10 or 11 of these should be held up.
    • 3 could be held up reliably. So 7 lb of print mass - 3 spools of filament.
    • Up to 6-7 could move up a little, but then they slammed down once the DRV8825 got hot.

Bed Burnout

  • Need to redesign for 1000F max temp. Currently it's designed for 1200F.
  • Burnout:

  • Redesigning for 430W each by lengthening 24 ga nichrome to 20' from 14', yielding max 850F temperature of element.


Retraction Settings

  • Had default at 2 mm at 40 mm/s retraction at 1.2 nozzle.
  • Increased to 4 mm - first clog ever. Reduced retraction to 3 mm

Z Motors

  • Either more Z motors for better balance - or counterweight - are useful for handling the heavy weight of the bed. Motor skip upon going all the way to the top of bed in Z direction.
  • Z motors will provide better balance if there are 4 corners of them. This will stabilize print quality.
  • But also, another option is wider z parts. But this gets away from the natural modularity of the system.
  • Added cost of 2 motors is about $50 for 2 axes.
  • Added cost otherwise is a counterweight, which is lower cost.
  • Less design change is favorable for going with 4 motors - the main case being for stability (larger weight handling is also a plus but secondary)