D3D v20.04 Requirements + Value Proposition

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  • Upgrade of D3D Pro to 4x the print volume
  • Counterweight? for bed?
  • 12" insulated, heated, fast bed
  • Highest performance heated bed: max T, heating speed, eco efficiency (insulated)
  • For consideration: air filter, as second eco feature
  • 1200W heat bed
  • Upgrading to OSE Universal Gearless Extruder
  • Based on D3D Pro geometry

Change Log

  • Simplify 3D printed pieces
  • Use regular 3-wire endstops
  • New endstop holders
  • Auto paralleling
  • 1200W heated bed, ga 24 instead of ga 26 for D3D Pro; update D3D Pro to ga 24 for uniformity.
  • 12" bed instead of 8"
  • Upgrading to Universal Gearless Extruder from E3D Titan Aero

Optimization Notes

  • Can shift from copper 22 ga wire to 23 or 24 for most of the wiring. We wanted 2A ampacity for the heater block, but that already has its own cable, so we need not 2A ampacity. Only place where we need 4A ampacity is from power supply to RAMPS, for which we can use ga 22.
    • Fan is 0.1A
    • Blower is 0.2A
    • Power plug is 1A
    • Trigger for SSA is milliamps scale

Unique Value Proposition

  • Lifetime design
  • Only 3D printer in the world with an insulated heatbed for 30% energy savings
  • Lowest unique part count in the world, and lowest overall part count in the world
  • Buildable from COTS parts
  • More than 2x the heat bed power of Ultimaker S5 or Lulzbot TAZ Pro [1], faster bed heating than any comparable printer (2:47 from 11C to 100C at 11C ambient)
  • Dual 1.75-2.85 mm extruder, optimized for rubber printing