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HintLightbulb.png Hint: We now make D3D Pro 3 with an 18" print bed.



You can get a ready-to-build kit at https://www.opensourceecology.org/d3d-pro/


Development Template
Description Link to Work Product  %
1 Requirements + Value Proposition D3D Pro Requirements + Value Proposition {{{1}}}
2 Industry_Standards D3D Pro Industry Standards {{{2}}}
3 Conceptual Design D3D Pro Conceptual Design {{{3}}}
4 Module Breakdown D3D Pro Module Breakdown {{{4}}}
5 3D CAD D3D Pro 3D CAD {{{5}}}
6 Calculations D3D Pro Calculations {{{6}}}
7 Electronics Design D3D Pro Electronics Design {{{7}}}
8 Wiring and Plumbing D3D Pro Wiring and Plumbing {{{8}}}
9 Software D3D Pro Software {{{9}}}
10 BOM D3D Pro BOM {{{10}}}
11 vBOM D3D Pro vBOM {{{11}}}
12 CAM Files D3D Pro CAM Files {{{12}}}
13 Cut List D3D Pro Cut List {{{13}}}
14 Build Instructions D3D Pro Build Instructions {{{14}}}
15 Fabrication Drawings D3D Pro Fabrication Drawings {{{15}}}
16 Exploded Part Diagram D3D Pro Exploded Part Diagram {{{16}}}
17 Production Engineering D3D Pro Production Engineering {{{17}}}
18 Build Pictures and Video D3D Pro Build Pictures and Video {{{18}}}
19 Data Collection D3D Pro Data Collection {{{19}}}
20 Future Work D3D Pro Future Work {{{20}}}


Carriagemotor.pngYaxisfroma1906.png14angleframe.pngD3d1911xaxis.png Assy1.pngCarriagemotor.pngCarriagemotor2.pngCarriagehalfcarriage.pngFrameclip.pngCarriageidler.pngMotorwithclip.pngIdlerwithclip.pngCableclip.pngMotorwithhanger.pngD3dcableorg loop.pngLoomclip.pngUpdatedforyconnex.jpgUpdatedgantryfory.jpgWidenedmotor.pngWidenedidler.pngTruncatedwidenedmotor.pngAutoparallel.pngWithsidehole.pngXidlerside.png

Control Panel

See more at 3D Printer Control Panel




Notes: BOM must be updated for Universal Gearless Extruder

BOM Notes

  • A 4x8 sheet of 16 ga steel weighs 80 lb.
  • A 4x8 sheet produces 24 strips of 8' length - or 192' of strip for 24 cuts
  • Cutting cost? $1 at Metal by the Foot?
  • A 4x8 costs $114 at Metal by the Foot.

Quick attach wiring.

Connector 1

Extruder part Wire color
Heat sink fan 1 + red
2 - black
Thermistor 3 orange
4 white
Heater element 5 green
6 yellow
Active cooling fan 7 + brown
8 - blue

Connector 2

Extruder part Wire color
Z-probe 1 brown
2 blue
3 black
Extruder stepper motor 4 green
5 yellow
6 orange
7 red


  • Card slot 3D print - notch too large, card can be pushed in behind the slot
  • Get rid of STOP PRINT from menu - can hit it accidentally during long print
  • Fix belt hole in carriage to motor
  • Fix carriage to idler placement
  • Improvement - Flexible surface for popping prints right off



Build Instructions



By Irvin:

Control Panel Wiring and Test

This is part of a quality control sequence, which requires identificiation of all wires: Final_Five_Minute_Control_Panel_Test


"The most immediate thing I am hoping to use the printer for is actually to do with the pen plotter hack - I'm working on a project where we produce pen plotter drawings generated from code and I thought a universal axis to be a far more flexible solution. -Jon S, UK."

can we get benchmarks/video reviews?


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