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  • This page goes over various methods, as well as OSE's efforts to make an Arduino using only the core componets and either a prototyping board or a custom pcb

OSE Working Doc



  • USB to serial converter - [1]
  • What is DTR - Data Terminal Ready - or reset button - ][2]
  • Connecting USB to Serial converter - [3]
  • More instructionals on how to wire Serial to USB - [4] and [5].
  • Does CP2102 work? Probably.
  • Check.pngFTDI works - see another tutorial with FTDI converter - [6]

Parurino by Nadya Peek

Has a serial port, not USB, so is a bit antiquated.


You can use an existing Arduino to burn a bootloader and to program the arduino:

With USB

YES: USB is the way to go for modern devices as of 2019

Build your own arduino for about $5 in parts - Julian Ilett -


  • USB to serial - [7]

DIY Arduino Mega

  1. Requires surface mount, but is empowering when done correctly. This one didn't work because you can't program it? -
  2. Another - can do it - essentially breakout of the microprocessor chip. Is it programmed with the simple plug? [8]


Arduino can be used a very popular open hardware component and can be successfully used in lots of open source projects:

Although you can always make your own arduino using a breadboard using the following instructions:

A similar project could be making you own arduino using a perfboard.

Another take would be to create YOUR OWN Arduino PCB using following instructions on this project

In terms of cost most DIY guides featured here will cost you more money (in you add up the labor cost) than a prefabricated arduino board. But for larger quantities the guides could be cost effective. Although using a perfboard or ever a breadboard for could be useful for prototyping using a PCB (DIY of prefabricated) could be more a more practical solution for finished products.

Different Routes to DIY Arduino

Kit Sourcing

  • Breadboard Arduino Uno kit of parts for $10 from Jameco, Atmaga 328P has bootloader. This also has an instructional for how to build it. Bravo to Jameco. [9]. Programmable via FTDI Breakout Board or by in-system programming using another Arduino Uno.

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