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David Agreement: David is volunteering to be a cook for one week to visit Factor e Farm and check out the possibility of further involvement. He shall prepare lunch and dinner starting October 7th with last dinner prepared on October 16th . He will be arriving by plane and will require pickup. He will not have his own car, and will go with Parker or in Gabi's car to buy food according to Food Buying Process. He will pay out of his pocket and be reimbursed weekly upon submitting receipts. Agrees to follow Factor e Farm General Guidelines and fills out a Liability Release Waiver. David is not allowed to use any machines without explicit permission from ED.


  • Date of Arrival: Sat, Oct 6, 2012, Date of Departure: Wed, Oct 17, 2012
  • Prepares lunch and dinner
  • Participation in Noon Coordination meeting
  • Cooking 7 days per week.

OSE will:

  • Provide a room and board in HabLab
  • Allow David to take part in meals
  • Participation in other tasks under guidance of FeF Team

Special Considerations, Requests: