December 18, 2012 Collaborative Production Run

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Machine Build: The Liberator open source CEB Press.

Production Run Director: Marcin Jakubowski; Inviting qualified individuals as Guest Production Run Director

Goals: Demonstrate complete build of CEB Press in 1 day with 8 people as a cutting edge social producition innovation that matches industry standard production rates while reducing production cost.

Documentation Goals: Document build of every part with at least 1 picture and video process in its entirety with 1 dedicated videographer and time lapse assistant. Smart phone documentation of fabrication insights. Complete Fabrication Diagram verified during production run. Quality control checklist verified during production run. Comparison of industry standard production cost to production cost of OSE production run. Live streaming of event pending Village Telco wireless mesh extension.

Radical Inclusion: Inviting True Fans as guest production run participants. Inviting business/economics students for economic analysis to compare production costs to industry standards. Inviting other producers-in-training for a $500 fee for 1 day of production and 1 day of safety/workshop training.