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HintLightbulb.png Hint: See Design Guide for the actual lessons


  • If you are interested in being peer-evaluated for your competency on any topic presented in the OSE Design Guide - please put yourself down below, along with your email and the lessons you took
  • Then pair yourself up in the Pairing section - to a peer who has taken the same lesson by emailing your peer with interest in peer evaluation
  • Your peer with then give you a grade from 0-100%, with 100% being a perfect score.
  • To score your peer - give a number of points for each question, along with an explanation of what was missing from the answer.
  • The goal is achieving a transparent process for evaluating students

Student List

  • Write down your name here, email, and numbers of all the 19 Design Guide lessons you have taken (such as 1, 5, 10 for lessons 1, 5, 10).

Pairing List

  • Pair up with a peer for evaluation as described in the Introduction



  • This is absolutely transparent and public to foster rapid learning.
  • Write down the questions and answers here. The questions are in the Peer Evaluation section at the end of each design guide.
  • For the person evaluating - comment why you gave the score that you did.
  • Start a subsection here (content between 2 equal signs == ==) for each peer review pair.
  • When this page gets too long, just start on another page, such as [[Marcin + Catarina Evaluation of Lesson 3]]
  • You can categorize your evaluations to get an overall evaluation by putting all your evaluations (which may be with different people) under a category, such as [[Category:Marcin's Evalution for the OSE Design Guide]]