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OSE develops technology and Distributive Enterprise. It does not end at specific technology and enterprise - but instead at a Construction Set Approach where we teach people how to design anything. The Design Guide - a manual on how to design specific machines and artifacts - is the knowledge set required for people to begin designing their own versions of anything. The goal is to culture a technologically and scientifically literate public, and to end Artificial Scarcity so that more people can begin to prosper.

A design guide is a set of principles that enter tin he design of physical artifacts. OSE's method of producing Design Guides involves:

  1. creating the Design Guide in a fashion that allows for rapid learning
  2. Producing an 80/20 rule design language that allows anyone to begin designing within 1-8 hours of taking on the study.
  3. Addressing design principles that break the Iron Triangle
  4. Addressing design-for-distributed-fabrication for building in distributed Microfactories

A comprehensive design guide may include:

  1. Part Libraries - proven technology elements that serve as further building blocks. When organized transparently in a gallery with direct download links, one can get started immediately.
  2. How it Works - basic explanations of the working mechanisms.
  3. Technology Tree of Choices - exposing the different ways that a design can be implemented, and pointing to the route that is the most OSE Specifications compliant. See Template:OSE Specifications
  4. FreeCAD Workbench - we have now created a FreeCAD Workbench Platform which allows anyone with basic programming skill to creating dedicated FreeCAD Workbenches for designing a specific machine.