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Design Sprints revolve around a large number of people designing and prototyping things collaboratively. To create a large, open source development effort for technology that matters - we need to start with accessible tools. Thus, we use the open source linux - live edition so that everyone has the same software. Then we use FreeCAD. And we follow the development taxonomy defined at Development Template. The Development Template is a set of development steps for hardware. Once the development team understands all these steps and how they relate to each other - open source hardware can be developed in parallel.

OSE Clubs and other Design Sprint collaborators participate in Design Sprints.

To Get Inolved

Collaboration Architecture

During the Design Sprint - here are the roles that are needed:

  • Simple Printer - Friday Design Sprint + Collaboration Architecture:
  • Part Library - 12 people
  • Concept - 2 people - Marcin
  • Requirements - 1 person
  • Calculations - tally of cost
  • Calculations - tally of weight
  • Calculations - print time
  • CAM - produce settings file (.ini) for Cura
  • Production Engineering - design layout for D3D Mini (which will fit others, too
  • CAD - corner PVC pieces
  • CAD - install OSE Piping Workbench and generate corners: Corner.png
  • BOM - modified for simplicity
  • Design Guide - providing Options
  • CAD - full
  • CAM - STLs for printing
  • Build Manual
  • Quality Control Checklist -
  • Embed 3D - Modelo, Sketchfab, etc, WebGL, etc.