Design of a Future Community

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  • Each person pursues self-determination by having cost of living erased from the equation, but not via welfare payments, but real production. Welfare payouts are eliminated. Food, cars, and housing are eliminated as costs with underground housing.
  • Household unit has aquaponic greenhouse + open source microfactory integrated with 3D printing, circuit milling, and waterjet or laser cutting to make 80% of consumer goods from global design repositories.
  • Mass production is replaced by custom automated production
  • Zone zero provides 100% diet, including mushroom production for transforming cellulose to useful protein

Scaling Model

  • Community that blends real life with University Campus
  • The open source version of a 1 square mile MIT (which produces $2T of economic output per year) via its students
  • 1000 of these worldwide for global transformationto a peacetime economy


  • Globalization debate is solved via local production and local natural resources as people realize that the sun provides 10k times more power than we use today.
  • As people recognize that The Most Important Calculation For Sustaining Life is under 2 years, global warming debate is ended.


  • Household microfactory + UPS truck = production of anything, such as state of art cell phones, connected directly to local and global factories
  • Chinese model of replicating best practice manufacturing is applied on the global scale
  • 50 tools for building civilization are available at the scale of every community in the form of a 12,000 square foot manufacturing, electronics, and materials facility.
  • Biochar, biocon
  • House includes print cluster inluding large printer, and features on-demand production as a service.


  • Majority of annual crop is displaced with perennial polyculture and plant breeding shifts from genetic engineering to long term swarm breeding
  • Zone zero involves autonomous tractors for diverse crop production.


  • Earth becomes the choice building material, as in Smithsonian_-_Sophisticated_Buildings_Will_Be_Made_Out_of_Mud
  • Aquaponic greenhouse, glazing, plumbing, plastic lumber made largely via large 3D printer.
  • Solar bioconcrete from local limestone augments centralized limestone production.
  • Houses are autonomous on water, food, energy, and production
  • Energy backup is hydrogen in combustion engines + a small battery bank.


  • 3D metal printing via robotic arm or welding robot produces wind turbines.
  • Rod and wire mill produces copper for windings, and aluminum production from clay produces conductors for large power infrastructure.
  • Solar microcars are the new transportation choice.
  • Hydrogen microgrids and storage are the new source of community power on 1 square mile scales.
  • Charcoal, biogas, and wind complete the balance of energy.


  • Granite lathe/grinder produces high speed air bearings for vacuum pumps and precision equipment required for semiconductor manufacturing
  • Community-based PV manufacturing exists at the community starting from sand. Small quantities of borane and phosphine are imported.