Digitally Fabricated Mosaics

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  • Making Artistic Mosaics In a Fast, Repeatable Manner via Digifab
  • Uses a PNP device with any square / regular polygonal shape
  • THEN it uses a cnc mill to make the shapes more "jagged" if this is desired (more handmade look)
  • Will probably need a gimp or krita plugin or even a dedicated software for image/pattern -> tile selection + gcode
  • Also may want a construction site for for floors/pools etc
  • Adhesion methods also need to be determined
  • Not a VERY nearterm need, but could make the OBI Aesthetic VERY Unique (most mosaics are expensive, rare, and not diverse content
    • With digifab they could be in any house, and have infinita variation

Industry Standards

  • Artaic
  • Uses square tiles and a PNP
  • No cnc post processing
  • Software and Tile Sourcing seem to be their best acheivements

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