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  • The OBI buildings will have an aesthetic
  • This will most likely be only one at the start (Due to the difficulty in focusing on details like that when the hardware/product itself is the main focus in the early stages, aesthetics are less of a priority and/or choices may be more limited to reduce Scope Creep and keep the project on time. Akin to the "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black" quote), but further development / finalization of plans, as well as forks should eventually allow for any design
  • For CEBs complex masonry like CEB Vaults and Quoin may improve aesthetic properties, as well as open up new building forms/sizes

Aesthetic 1

Aesthetic 2


  • Main External Component, and some internal areas (ones with little wall use (ie no screws or piles of outlets) )
  • Can be VERY interesting aesthetic wise with Concrete 3D Printing (may require finishing as the nozzle size on those devices is...larger than 2mm


  • One of the main criticism of Brutalism was the dull grey with lack of greenery/life
  • Modular planters, wall planters, windowboxes, and wall gardens will fix this
  • Also could be used to produce food etc
  • Also PBRs could be used in an artistic manner
  • Bioluminescent plants/fungi (not for lighting, short of emergency navigation only light) for art

General Principles of the Aesthetic

  • A Mix of Brutalism and (post-) Postmodernism (Architecture)
  • Concrete for durability, simplicity, and repeatability, but more artistic than brutalism's blocky nature
  • ALSO could do many complex shapes + lattices via the concrete 3d printing
  • External Areas, and Internal Public Inside Areas can be fluid, and non blocky, but most rooms should be square-ish


  • Most of these are rare, old, and if not old VERY expensive, especially for non-geometric art (ie a picture, not a pattern backsplash)
  • With Digitally Fabricated Mosaics we should be able to put them anywhere for relatively cheap
  • Main limit is tile sourcing

Critiques / Things to be Cognizant Of

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