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Summary: Works with Documentation Team to produce rapid learning materials on key topics of relevance to open source economic development. In particular, the goal is to create rapid-learning materials for cross-training of FeF community members towards Collaborative Production and the creation of the world's first, Post-Scarcity, Autonomous, Modern, Open Source, Distributive Enterprise, Learning, Contract Community. Collects a wide array of materials from industry, academia, social enterprise sector, open source community, and other practitioners.


  • Capacity for critical, creative, entrepreneurial, and strategic thinking


  • Weekly meeting with leadership to determine curriculum development priorities
  • Responsible for generating a wide range of curriculum specifically related to to the Global Village Construction Set as summarized in Core_Cross-Training_Competencies
  • Develops Open Source Agroecology curriculum with Farm Director
  • Works with Construction Director to create Construction Curriculum
  • Works with Production Director to create Fabrication Curriculum
  • Collaborates with videographer, script writer, and others on creating materials

Learning Requirements

The applicant is required to learn basic proficiency in:

  • Augmented reality smart phone application development
  • Cross-trains in production or other hands-on skills to participate in collaborative production and to extend appreciation and understanding of a wide range of activities necessary to build a civilization

Skills Required

  • Basic proficiency in videography and nonlinear editing
  • Curriculum development experience