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Sat Aug 1, 2020

  • Wanted to Velomobile - cycle car - wanted to do that
  • Did a 2-rotor version
  • Went to 6 volts - current draw for 2-rotor (3 stator) version
  • 12V at 2.5A. 200 hz frequency. 30W.
  • 6 meters wound per coil
  • Should be 12 wires of 3 meters is better.
  • Didn't even get warm
  • Was looking for optimal frequency - no feedback.

Tue Jun 30, 2020

Dirk Electric Motor Development

June 2020

Dirk designed it , he has the files , it is "pancake" motor that you promoted, and i think Michel also build ... Anyway in this album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/PLYsfbHAyxkNP1te9

Roar of motor in one of the videos.

You can see Dirk testing ... other photos are Alternator.2.motor conversion and a 775 motor test (for my students e-bike /vehicle project ... it is on hold, i ordered some parts, should arrive end July )

P.S. -- btw. SimpleD3D on Monday was a challenge :-) , had to hack mechanics a bit cause I didn't print proper files ( i thought it is unviersal axis, exactly same axis 3 times  :-) but i learned it is not the case) .... anyway continuing with printer electronics after 16.July . -- i see in my notes something for you ... dr. Pierce and his open Metal arc printing , that is i think also on your todo list. Some people in Holland got 10 mil euro to work on that tech while i think dr.Pierce published core stuff. https://www.technischweekblad.nl/nieuws/europees-geld-voor-doorontwikkeling-3d-metaalprinten -- Maybe of your interest , in that GOSH community i sent you in the past ... https://forum.openhardware.science/t/summary-of-gosh-community-call-one-week-to-add-your-questions-next-call-is-14-july-2020/2328 there was a recent question : "What are you most excited about now that we have more resources to grow and sustain GOSH? " Highest interest was : "Working together to supply kits, procure parts, etc - a network of distributed production for OScH? [+5] "

June 2019