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This is not just another forum. Here we cultivate collaborative design for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance.

This means that all work we do is designed for Distributive Enterprise leading to the Open Source Economy, including following the Open Source Definition. All of these are technical terms, not foggy ideas.

What if you are not technical? Building a new civization requires all skills. Graphics and animation for visual communication. Co AI, CV and CV for automation of repetitive or difficult tasks. Architecture to rebuild the world. Integrated agriculture and afforestry to refertilize our soils. Writing to communications to make this work replicable. Psychology, applied to Political Ponerology, to heal our suffering. Law to come up with the new governance structures. Enterprise savvy to roll this out of our heads into reality. Marketing to sell this message to the world.

In Discourse, we have a category called Introductions. Treat it as a Linked-In for the open source economy: introduce yourself, and let us know what skills you can contribute to our 24 Hour Hackathons and other developmnet events - our new experimental method for Extreme Enterprise. Our new marketplace, which sells products and production - is called the Open Source Everything Store.

This is not just another forum. It's a chance to change the world.